Saturday, August 23, 2014


sterek meme



poser taking selfies when I’m out of the room


poser taking selfies when I’m out of the room

Friday, August 22, 2014

Zelda ‘Ocarina of Time’ Sage engagement rings!
RauruSariaDaruniaPrincess RutoImpaNabooru
(made on by steel candy)


Zelda ‘Ocarina of Time’ Sage engagement rings!

Princess Ruto

(made on by steel candy)


Ode to omocat!  My fav LoZ fan artist <3



mfw people dont remember that oot link is engaged to princess ruto


Then he ran away.. xD



Lego Thorin takes on the ice bucket challenge (with his concerned Lego Bilbo on the side). [x][x][x]

He’s passing it on to sarie-gamgee's plush Bilbo & Funko Pop Bilbo (ALL the Bilbos!), frodonnette's Lego Fili and to all the majestic Thorins out there! 

We donated to ALS Canada :)

omg, bilbo’s freaking out

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Tagged by Goddamnhella to list 5 random things about myself.

  1. On 7th grade I kicked a boy student out of his chair after he pinched my thighs in the middle of a class. The entire room was rather speechless since I have always been the quiet one.
  2. Lately I’ve been singing part of a lyric to my friends based on something they say that reminds me of it. (I sang to Ohlaif “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions)
  3. I have a table fan that I call evil jesus, it died on me on a hot day, and after the third day of its demise it started working again, (this happen after I bought a new fan).
  4. I didn’t want to get a tumblr account because I feared I would end up addicted to it. I was not wrong.
  5. Most of the time I am unable to write in short words, writing text messages or using twitter is a pain.

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Tagged by this one to list 5 random things about myself (/grunts)

1. When I was approx 5 years old my brother ran over my finger with a skateboard and split the side of it open. Fuck skateboards.

2. I frequently have this music stuck in my head. If I’m not paying attention to myself I start singing it like a video game character left standing still for too long. 

3. My heartbeat sounds like a ‘thump-whoosh’ because I have a weird ticker. It does not, sadly, require an arc reactor.

4.  The X-Files opening theme scares the shit out of me. I’ll punch you. The time my sister locked 6 year-old me in our dark bedroom with the Jaws theme playing loudly on Dad’s old record player? Didn’t traumatise me as much at that stupid handprint. 

5. Since I first started, I’ve written a terrible grand total of about 1,720,000 words of fanfiction. I should really get a hobby or something.

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my fanbook《the water》 sold out!THX!